Burn Permit Requirements

Residential Permit Requirements

All Residential Burn Permits must be filled out at any of our firehouses located throughout the city before burning. Please have a form of identification available when filling out the permit. The issuance of the permit is subject to current weather conditions as well as South Carolina Forestry Commission recommendations.  

Burn Residential
  • All residential burning will take place from 7:00 am to sunset. No material may be added to the fire after 6:00 pm and the fire must be extinguished or burnt out by sunset.  
  • Only natural vegetation shall be burned. The fire shall NOT contain any lumber, rubber products, asphalt products, petroleum products, plastics, garbage, dead animals, or any waste materials that emits smoke or offensive odors.
  • The burning area must be attended to at all times. A garden hose, a tool, and a means of communication is recommended to be present at the burn site.  
  • There shall be NO burning within 50 feet of any building, fence or other structures.
  • The person responsible for the burning must remain with the fire until it is totally extinguished.
  • There shall be NO burning when wind conditions are greater than 10 mph.
  • The burn pile shall NOT be larger than 4 feet in diameter and 3 feet in height.
  • Only one burn pile shall be burning at the location at one time.
  • A copy of the burn permit shall be at the location of the fire.
  • Residential burn permits must be obtained in-person at one of the fire stations on the same day that you intend to burn and are only good for same-day use. If you want to burn on multiple days, you must go to the fire station and obtain a new permit every day. Burn permits are issued to protect our citizens, our firefighters and the environment and are currently no cost to the public.
  • Any permit issued may be revoked for the protection of life or property or prevent or to abate the nuisances caused by such burning. If any person starts a fire without a permit or if a permit holder fails to comply with any terms or conditions of this permit, and as a result of the failure Hardeeville Fire Department is required to suppress a fire, the person or permit holder is responsible for the cost of fire suppression services.
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Commercial Burn Permit Requirements

  • Commercial Burn Permits are issued on a case by case basis. These permits are issued by the Fire Marshal based on the exact location and the amount of material on site. Once a site visit has been completed, a permit application and a $50.00 permit fee will be collected. The Fire Marshal can be reached at 843-784-3229.