HTVN Channel Programming

HTVN Channel provides residents and visitors with first-hand information on what's going on in Hardeeville. The channel is more than just a place to watch City Council meetings. It helps build the community by playing youth football games, recreational events, and presentations by various organizations.

Sustainable Growth

It's no secret that Hardeeville is growing quickly. City staff is dedicated to making sure that growth is sustainable and controlled but citizen involvement is paramount. Citizens can not be involved if they aren't informed and that is what the Public Information Department tries to do with HTVN. The channel plays meetings and seminars from beginning to end so that people can get as much raw information as they need. Then, it uses state of the art equipment and highly trained personnel to edit and create a high quality video production that puts information into easily accessible packages.

HTVN Schedule

For more information on scheduled programming, view HTVN Schedule (PDF).

Recorded Broadcasts