Public Works

Hardeeville's Public Works Department is arguably the most visible, and perhaps hardest working, the team in the City. Its experienced staff is responsible for maintaining the beauty of the City by mowing and removing trash from all public rights-of-way, street-cleaning public areas, and maintaining the City's facilities.

Maintain Appearances

It is the City's commitment to maintaining an appearance second to none. The Public Works Department ensures this commitment is met throughout the City, and on a daily basis. They do their work with an unequaled sense of pride to ensure visitors and residents can enjoy the beauty of Hardeeville.

Public works is hard work. Whether it's 100 degrees outside or freezing and raining, we keep Hardeeville's streets clean, the grass cut, and the water draining.

Message from a Former Council Member

"Public Works is a great department and a real asset to the City. You don't see weeds on the side of the road or trash in our city because of 'em."

- A. Brooks Willis, Former Hardeeville Council Member