Grants & Projects

Grants & Projects

The city of Hardeeville uses external grant and loan funding sources to support innovative projects and initiatives and to supplement existing revenues when possible and appropriate. The development of city projects and the actual delivery of services require an involved and comprehensive approach to funding including the utilization of Local State and Federal funding opportunities.

Fiscal Year 2019

For Fiscal Year 2019, the City of Hardeeville received the following grant dollars to move forward and implement projects, programs, and services in which the City has made a priority. Many of these grants were awarded in previous years with funds being utilized or closed out.

table 1

In total, the City of Hardeeville received a little over $1.03 million in grant funding in Fiscal Year 2018/2019.

  1. CDBG - Drainage Project
  2. City of Hardeeville Richard Gray Sports Complex
  3. Hardeeville Commerce Park
  4. I-95 Exit 3 Interchange Project
  5. I-95 Exit 8 Interchange Improvements Project

The largest of the grant-funded projects included the CDBG funding for the Citywide stormwater/drainage improvement projects. The total project cost was $766,875.


Areas of Focus

The area of focus for the Project was centrally located in the City and included portions of:

  • Barker Court
  • Barker Street
  • Boyd Street
  • Bush Avenue
  • Carroll Street
  • Coburn Lane
  • Glover Street
  • Heyward Street
  • Horton Street
  • Martin Street
  • Simmons Lane
  • Sunset Circle
  • Ulmer Street

Preventing & Reducing Flooding

The proposed changes to the stormwater drainage system will help prevent or reduce future flooding. The project scope includes:

  • Adding a drainage ditch at the end of Glover Street
  • Cleaning/ restoring the main ditch system between property
  • Paving Glover Street with storm drains
  • Replacing the storm pipes under roadways connecting the main ditch system as needed
  • Restoring SCDOT drainage ditches and pipes to their prior intent


CDBG - Drainage Project was completed in the fall of 2019.

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    Neil Parsons

    Administrative Services Director