Heartbeat of Hardeeville

Throughout the history of Hardeeville, volunteers have donated countless hours to improve the quality of life in Hardeeville.

The success of any community is built upon the efforts of individuals or entities committed to serving the community with the desire to make Hardeeville a better place to live, work, play and worship.

Nomination Process

  • Nomination window is January 1-January 31.
  • Advertised on our Website and Social Media.
  • Forms will be available on line and at City Hall.
  • Amount of nominations for the same person will have no effect on the outcome.
  • All additional documentation to support the nomination such as news articles or video clips should also be submitted.
  • Reviewed by Committee to determine winner and honorable mention.

Selection Process

  • All nominees will be considered who meet or exceed the nomination criteria.
  • All nominees will receive a letter informing them of the winner and honorable mention,
  • The Winner will be announced at the first City Council Meeting in February.
  • Annual Award