Hardeeville Community Transformation Foundation

Recovery Grants – The City of Hardeeville in partnership with the Hardeeville Community Transformation Foundation is now accepting applications for nonprofits that have suffered financial hardships resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic

Mission Statement – Enable the growth and development for the City of Hardeeville, while enhancing the quality of life for its residents and visitors alike by providing quality projects, programs, facilities and services that will positively affect our vision of creating a livable and sustainable community.

Purpose – City operates and implements a number of community‐based projects, facilities programs and services. These projects, facilities programs and services are administratively supported and managed by the City under the oversight and direction of the City Manager, City Council and associated Councils and Committees along with City Staff. The City is not always financially able to fully fund these various projects, programs and services, cost effectively and efficiently in the manner that best supports the wants and needs of the City. The City would like to have a mechanism in place to expand these projects, facilities programs and services along with the ability to add additional items as needed to successfully grow and develop the City. The establishment of a 501c3 non‐profit foundation will allow donations to augment available community resources in these areas. 

The purpose of the COHCTF is to promote, raise and manage funds to support civic purposes that advance community‐based projects, facilities programs and services to benefit and serve the residents of the City.  

These projects, programs and services will focus on, but not limited to the following:

  • Youth recreation, and education programs
  • Community based wellness and enrichment programs
  • Senior recreation, leisure, education programs and support services
  • Parks and facilities improvements
  • Civic construction projects
  •  Civic engagement programs and services
  • Public Safety  
  •  Tourism
  • Economic and Community Development  

Funds – Funds raised and/or held by the COHCTF shall be used for the purpose of providing community‐ based projects, facilities programs and services to benefit the residents of the City. Notwithstanding the foregoing, funds raised and/or held by the COHCTF for a specific purpose must be used for that purpose and cannot be utilized for any other purpose. This is not subject to amendment, change or alteration of its clauses or provisions without the consent of the Hardeeville City Council.

Types of Funds

At the inception of the COHCTF, the established funds are as follows:

  • Parks, Recreation and Tourism Fund
  • Trail Fund
  • Public Safety Fund
  • Youth and Senior Programs and Services Fund
  • Community Advancement Fund
  • City Growth and Development Fund
  • Marketing Fund
  1. Neil Parsons_Grants AdministratorProject Coordinator

    Neil Parsons

    Administrative Services Director

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