Nonprofits and Community Organizations

The City of Hardeeville continuously strives to create long-term support and opportunities for its residents. In order to provide meaningful resources to residents, Hardeeville has decided to engage in a number of collaborations and partnerships.


Agape Family Life Center

The Agape Family Life Center (AFLC) is a non-profit organization that is committed to providing opportunities to empower individuals, promote family excellence and nurture better health and wellness within Jasper County. 

Contact Information: CEO, Dr. Deloris M. Young, (843) 784 - 6008 

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Antioch Educational Center

The Antioch Educational Center assists members of low-income families in their transition from a state of dependency to self-sufficiency by offering programs and services in the areas of education, job preparedness, and health and wellness. 

Contact Information: Executive Director, Jackie O'Bannon, (843) 645-9400  

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Beaufort-Jasper YMCA of the Lowcountry

The Beaufort-Jasper YMCA of the Lowcountry is part of a worldwide organization. The organization has three main areas of focus: youth development, healthy living, and social responsibility. They offer opportunities for people from all walks of life to improve their health, strengthen their families and serve their community.  

Contact Information: CEO, Michael Bostwick, (843) 521-1504  

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Bluffton Jasper Volunteers in Medicine 

The Bluffton Jasper Volunteers in Medicine is one of over 90 independent clinics under the guidance of the National Volunteers in Medicine Alliance. Their mission is to provide free medical care to the uninsured, with an emphasis on preventative medicine and health education. 

Contact Information: Executive Director, Pam Toney, (843) 645-9090  

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Bluffton Self Help

The Bluffton Self Help organization has been providing basic needs and financial support to the Lowcountry for over 30 years. With direct access to necessary resources, a deep understanding of community needs, and significant relationships to create change, they provide those in need with a pathway towards self-sufficiency. 

Contact Information: Chief Executive Director, Courtney Hampson, 843-757-8000

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Boys & Girls Clubs of the Lowcountry

The Boys & Girls Clubs of the Lowcountry provides young people with a safe place to go after school and during the summer, as well as a positive outlet for their energy. This organization seeks to ensure that all kids have a positive and enriching experience when the school bell rings, putting them on the path to success. 

Contact Information: President, Hall Sumner III, (843) 379-5430 

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Community Foundation of the Lowcountry

The Community Foundation of the Lowcountry is dedicated to helping nonprofit organizations, donors, and other community members by making a difference in the lives of Lowcountry citizens. Their impact will be achieved by bringing together financial resources, knowledge, and collaborative networks to serve community needs. 

Contact Information: President, Scott Wierman, (843) 681-9100 

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Don Ryan Center for Innovation

The Don Ryan Center for Innovation provides startup and growth assistance to Jasper County entrepreneurs. They supply guidance to anyone that needs support when starting or running a business. Their vision is to enhance the economic vitality, diversity, and dynamism of the region. 

Contact Information: CEO, David Nelems, (843) 540-0405

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Hardeeville Community Transformation Foundation 

The Hardeeville Community Transformation Foundation operates and implements a number of community‐based projects, facilities programs and services. The purpose is to promote, raise and manage funds to support civic purposes that advance community-based projects, facilities programs and services to benefit and serve the residents of the City. 

Contact Information: Administrative Services Director, Neil Parsons, (843) 784-2231

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Jasper County Board of Disabilities and Special Needs

The Jasper County Board of Disabilities and Special Needs provides supplemental support to over 180 individuals with lifelong disabilities and special needs in Jasper County and surrounding areas. 

Contact Information: Executive Director, Debrah Walsh, (843) 726-4499

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Jasper County Council on Aging 

The Jasper County Council on Aging works to improve the lives of Lowcountry citizens in Jasper County through fun activities, daily gatherings, nutritious meals, and trips for seniors in the area. 

Contact Information: Executive Director, Lila Resh, (843) 726-5601

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Jasper County Chamber of Commerce

The Jasper County Chamber of Commerce is dedicated to the growth and development of Jasper County and the State of South Carolina, with special emphasis on advancing scientific, educational, charitable, commercial, civic, industrial, agricultural and general interest of the area it serves. 

Contact Information: President, Martin Sauls, (843) 784-3630 

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Jasper County Neighbors United 

The Jasper County Neighbors United is an organization that assists low-income and disadvantaged residents in the areas of human services, community development, housing, education, and family. 

Contact Information: President, Ted Moyd, (843) 784-7172 

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Lowcountry Legal Volunteers

The Lowcountry Legal Volunteers have protected, defended, and advocated for those that have struggled in silence. For over two decades, they have been working on the front lines to offer locals legal services. They provide sound counsel and create a pathway for fair representation. 

Contact Information: Executive Director, Anne Caywood, (843) 815-1570 

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Mercy Mission

The Mercy Mission operates a thrift shop and provides outreach services to those in need in Jasper County. 

Contact Information: Sister, Mary Francis, (843) 208-2276 

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Osprey Village

The Osprey Village is a South Carolina non-profit corporation founded in July 2008. Residents with a variety of needs have access to individualized services such as life skills training and employment assistance, as well as recreation and social opportunities in a safe setting with an array of living options. 

Contact Information: Chairman of the Board, Tom Reed, (843) 422-6099 

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United Way of the Lowcountry

The United Way of the Lowcountry focuses on long-term investments in education, economic mobility, and health. 

Contact Information: President, Dale Douthat, (843) 982-3040

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